Fire Elementals – Summer Solstice 2013


New Energy has come into the seen this Solstice. It is a Silver/White and has blue and green intermittent. (See the gallery at the bottom of the page for all images)

We asked Krista to take a photo of Vanessa and Katie playing the Crystal Bowl and the American Indian Sacred Prayer Flute, as well, Vanessa sang Sacred Tongue. The incredible experience of seeing the energy was beyond words.

The fire energy was a brilliant white Light energy creating what appears as a writing of a language unknown to us.

Each Solstice evening has brought prominent phenomena. This evening, as Sound was created by sacred instruments and through sacred singing/speech/language, not only did we experience perceiving our energetic bodies … but the sound patterns were also captured coming from the flute, the crystal bowl and the sacred language sung.

As well, as Rose played the crystal bowl for the first time, the thought form of her doing so is captured above Vanessa’s head as she watched … and then … registered directly on her head as she spoke words of encouragement to Rose.

In the beginning photos are seen the latest Portal which is dedicated to the Indigenous women of the world. This Portal’s intent was activated some weeks prior to the solstice night.

During being present around this circle we were indicated to kneel and place our hands upon the stones either side of us. As a collective heart and mind, we then called forth from the Divine Within to anchor the energies of support for the Indigenous women, more strongly.

The degree of increase can be noted by comparing the earlier photos of the evening with the later ones. There is also a new energy registering into the seen. It is Silver with a hint of blue and green.

We had battery operate lights around the table where we shared an evening meal and we used a torch to at the Indigenous Women’s Portal, as reaching it was needed.

This form of human made light was used as a conduit. Again, we were gifted with an amazing show. If one looks closely to the above right of one photo taken of where we sat, there can be seen a number of line shapes moving towards us. The fire and the new energy are all leaning towards the left. It is truly beautiful to be witness to all these revelations.

As well, in front of Dale has appeared a phenomena of this silver Light energy as well as when a photo of the fire was taken.

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