Summer 2012 Newsletter

Hello to you all.

summer solstice fire elementalI have something lovely to share. The end of 2012 brought another visual Gift of Grace during the Summer Solstice Ceremony held on the 21st.

The wondrous ambiance of Loves Peace noticeably enfolded us during this evening’s Sacred Intent, filling us with a deeper gratitude and thanks to All Spirit.

Countless are blessings within out lives in which Creators creations nurture, uplift and sustain us through.

 It is a wondrous thing to experience a Response to prayer, to feel ones heart expanding in Love, as our consciousness reaches with gratitude and thanks to Creators Throne, the Star Nations, the Ascended and Ascending Ones … to the Spirit of All Life within Mother Earth and Nature, the Mineral Kingdom Beings, the Water and Air Beings and to the Spirits of Fire.

 The Spirits of Fire again revealed themselves on this night. Photos once more clearly show the lifting of the Veil, thereby making it possible, for the two dimensions to be simultaneously seen.

 I noted that the reality of the Fire Beings has a greater clarity than before, and in some photos, our world became a blur.

 Our flutes, drums and song were mirrored in the Labyrinth. The Fire Beings became music notes. There are no words for what is transpiring here at Eagles Reach Sanctuary, as all in the Unseen contrives to lead one into simply Being … being in the moment.

 The photos have also captured something new. Taken on dusk, with the surrounds clearly seen, we were gifted in seeing the Spirits of Fire in action, in daylight. There was no flash used.

 This particular photo is a treasure in its implications.

 To view the Summer Solstice photos, click HERE.

May this year be filled with the wonders of inspiration and upliftment that is your Spirit. May all worldwide contributions in Love and Service to our One God be magnified through the influence of Love from our Unseen Brothers and Sisters.

 May we consciously walk more hand in hand with all … manifesting True Loves Harmony and Balance … Wholeness and Wellbeing … within and in our finite world.

 Love and blessing to you all.


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