Summer 2011 Newsletter

Eagles Reach Sanctuary Summer Newsletter December 2011

The Essence of Summer has let us all know that its has arrived here in the Southern Hemisphere, as the Natures Spirit Beings that have provided the bounty of Spring now make way for the influx and bounty of provision that the Spirit Beings of Summers, so lovingly bring.

Living here and caring for this Garden of Love is to experience Creator All’s undisturbed Essence resonating in, from out and around each and every living form that is this garden and is to hear Its Song of Joy exuding and radiating in its present potential.

As you are aware through this website,while I have rented here since 1992, the landlords having initially assured me of living here for life, circumstances having changed, necessitate in the selling of this place, with having been given a time span for an opportunity to find a way or means to secure Eagles Reach Sanctuary.

Much has been carried out towards the aim of securing this place and connecting with the person/s who would be called to financially assist or buy. The remaining time left in paying the landlords for the sale of this place by the end of this year draws close and I now ask for help from all who read this newsletter, to assist Eagles Reach Sanctuary in being made known to a wider range of people.

Becoming aware of the important significance of allowing the energetic magnificence established here through Spirit and its need for loving care by person/s with Sacred Intent and a Love for Mother Earth and Nature, to continue expanding and evolving is needed.

In reading this newsletter and passing on this information to all whom are known to you and asking that they likewise read the Website or pass this email/information on to all whom are known to them, you may be instrumental in making aware, whoever is called to buy this place.

Elaboration of the potential Spirit is anchoring here and the unseen work fulfilled through this sacred place and in regards to the opportunity for Spirits future expansion in collaboration with all who are and will also be called here to assist and to be a part of a desired outcome, will be personally conveyed when communicating with sincere person/s who are genuinely moved to be involved.

It only takes one or several person/s to take up the financial call in assisting the Spirit of All Life in the continuation and ongoing manifestation of Its Dream.

Eagles Reach Sanctuary is at the outskirts of Maleny, Queensland,  Australia. All communication may be made through the Website.

Namaste … Valry Sands

A Message From Mother Earth

2nd Nov. 2011

Womb of Creation

Womb of Creation Circle

I had just finished placing the wood circles within the Womb of Creation Circle and filling the in between spaces with river gravel.
I began gathering up and filling my wheelbarrow with the tools used, favoring my tired and sore muscles.
Mother Earth spoke within my heart and encouraged me to pause a time in my doing and enter the circle to be uplifted.
Standing on the white marble center, I envisioned and activated the Earth Energies Power Symbol … watched it make its way up from the molten center of the Earth, coming up through, around and above me … and then, having gathered discordance from within my body, the Power Symbol moved this discordance down into the molten energies to transmute all gathered, before returning my restored energy into my body, as upliftment.

As I stood giving gratitude and thanks, my heart mind was filled further with the following Love Thoughts from the Mother Earth.

Many often perceive that when they are energetically uplifted, that they have been given an amount of energetic upliftment from out side of themselves … rather than recognizing that it is their very own energies that have been restored into greater wholeness.

Rather is it ones own energies that have been changed from discordance into a greater balance that is being experienced.

Rather is it the Love that is Nature and Elemental and My Self as Spirit in the Unseen … that holds the one in need, in Love … it is this very Love enfoldment that transmutes.

Ever do we give our Love … ever through ‘Being the Love we are’ radiance, does another’s lesser energies come to be transformed.

All earthly life form has its own individual energetic capacity, size, amount and shape. These energies may be dense or they may be Light filled through Being Love.

All that we give, is the Embrace of Love we are … and it is this Love that transmutes heaviness to lightness and is what is experienced as upliftment … the upliftment that comes from ones own energetic measure in Being, having been restored.

Ever do we draw close in our Love of All Life. Ever do we draw close to all whom call out for help. Ever is it our Love embracing and permeating into and through the energetic body of the one asking for help.

This is what is truly experienced, not someone receiving a quantity of someone else’s energy.


Womb of Creation

Womb of Creation Circle

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