Spring 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

What a wonderful opportunity this Newsletter is, to share an amazing occurrence with you all. A phenomenon transpired on the night of the Winter Solstice Ceremony, something that has never happened, nor been seen, in our world before.

Prior to the ceremony and while relighting the fire, I paused in prayer asking that all whom attend this night, be cleansed and uplifted, by our Beloved Creators Fire of Creation.

To be given the experience of seeing, the wonder of my prayer as a visual response from Creator All That Is, deeply moved me. All revealed is beyond words.

The lifting of the Veil between the Seen and the Unseen, occurred between our three dimensional world and the world of the Fire Elements. It appears that the energy of all the tea lights throughout the garden, were used to bring forth the spectacular show given, in a way only known to the world of Spirit and the Fire Elemental Being.

The entirety of this amazing visual demonstration of prayer in action, can be seen as a slide show under the Orbs & Elementals Menu, on my website www.eaglesreachsanctuary.com/fire and a small sample of the DVD on my Youtube channel (Valry Sands) can be seen HERE

Before, during and after the ceremony and while sitting around the fire, my friend Krista, a photographer, took photos using a slow shutter and at times, no flash, capturing unbeknowns, that which I am only able to term Gift of Grace.

Following intuitive feelings to keep the fire burning for two days, prior to the ceremony, indicated that great heat needed to build.

After all who had attended had gone home, Krista and I brought up the pictures on the computer. She had not been happy with how her camera had operated during the evening, thinking all images captured, were streaked with light.

Fire elementals at Eagles Reach SanctuaryWe were speechless when the photos came up on screen. The first photo taken was of the path leading to the Labyrinth, clearly and visibly revealing three distinct OM symbols. Upon closer scrutiny, seven others are also seen, with the remainder being a blur of firelight energy.

In the top left hand corner of the photo, there are three Om’s of Fire suspended in the air. There are no tea lights below them.





Fire elementals at Eagles Reach SanctuaryThe phenomena within the rest of the photos revealing the lifting of the Veil, is especially seen, around the fireplace.

The fire appears to be sitting on the seat, with the smaller fire displays appearing in front of physical objects, while in our everyday world, the tea lights are behind solid objects that are the seating. Also the fire from the fireplace, sitting on the seat, has fire streaks that flow upward and in front of the variegated ginger leaf. That leaf is some four metres back from the fireplace. This is the clearest example of the two worlds seen simultaneously.

Several weeks later, Krista and I, went into the Labyrinth with one tea light burning and asked that we be granted to see the Fire Elements display once more. Later in the evening as Krista lay in her bed, she took more photos of a tea light burning in the room. These photos may also be seen under the Orbs & Elementals Menu.

Since that night, a gift of money has enabled me to have DVD’s created professionally. And I give thanks with much gratitude to Spirit All That Is, for providing the way and means and this phenomena, in raising monies on behalf of Eagles Reach Sanctuary. Cost of DVD is $20 in Australia, plus postage.

Fire elementals at Eagles Reach SanctuaryThis wondrous Being Presence is tangible and while I am able register its presence , I am unable to describe its energy

A4 size professionally printed pictures of the Fire Salamander, presenting its self with a glorious smiling face, are also available. Cost is $11 in Australia, plus postage.

Other pictures may be ordered individually through the website at www.eaglesreachsanctuary.com/fire

Click HERE to view the full gallery of these amazing photos. May you be moved by the Gift we have all been given, in seeing our world and the World of the Fire Elementals.


Until next newsletter … keep well … keep happy and just Be.
Valry Sands

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