Spring 2011 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

The Fairy Ring

The Fairy Ring

I am beginning this newsletter with sharing something extra special with you all … a Fairy Ring. It was under an avocado tree at the end of the property. Having discovered it when the shade of the tree made it difficult to photograph, I returned early the next morning to find that it had begun to deteriorate, yet still took an unsatisfactory photo.

I was so moved to experience having this visual gift yet felt a little saddened that I hadn’t discovered it earlier. A day later, I felt to go and look at it again. I was greeted with an unexpected surprise. A second growth of mushroom fungi had grown up in the space where the decayed fungi had been, which made taking a photo a truly deep joy, filled with feelings of gratitude at being blessed with this second gift.

Spring’s warmth being experienced more and more, the garden breathes a sigh of relief at no longer being battered and dried out by Winters winds.

The Vege Garden

The Vege Garden

The bandicoots that transit through here during Winter shall soon all be gone on to other seasonal places and then it will be my turn to breath a sigh of thanks. Due to loving worms in their diet and this garden is full of these little helpers, the holes dug by the Bandicoots do not consider what plants come to be torn out during accessing the worms.

There was a challenging time between my self and these critters when they discovered how to access the vegie garden, with seedlings repeatedly dug up as well as the paths that I had repapered and mulched becoming shredded. I continued plugging up the access holes created and am glad to say, I won out. Several times, I meditated into the consciousness of the Bandicoots, asking them for consideration of the vegie garden and pointing out that I live here too and surely the immense area they dig up throughout this piece of land is sufficient without entering this area in which I grow my food. Needless to say, they had a mind of their own they insisted in following and no doubt the worms bred in the compost that was used for the vegetable garden, were a prized choice. With the Bandicoots soon moving on, this repetitious Winter cycle shall once more become a memory, until next time.

A small herb garden has begun being established and shall continue to expand and grow. The new herb gardenThe space of land cleared of grass in preparation for a larger vegetable garden is slowly evolving. The trees surrounding the present vegie garden have grown tall and now give too much shade, hence the need to establish in another area. I am also going to enjoy creating this one, as I plan for it to be circular, surrounded by herbs and flowers and have a small pond in the middle to grow water chestnuts in.

Anthony helping outAs will have been seen in the August update sent out, a new creation and energy anchoring space, called the Ankh and Six Pointed Star, has been completed. Anthony, shown in the photo, helped greatly in preparing the Space. If you have not received this update that has a photo of this beautiful creation and wish to, please refer to the side menu for past newsletters.


… Since learning in February 2011 that this place needed to be sold, with the present day owners giving me time to find a way to secure here, rather than sell it to an unknown person, there has been an enormous increase in activity to embrace and stretch with, for me. The website came into being and an association has been established. Eight Journals have been prepared for e-books publishing. More and more people are coming into my life and the life of the garden and they are personally experiencing beauty and upliftment from All Life’s giving. There are helping hands assisting on all levels, with all giving of there time and effort lovingly and freely. This garden is so blessed and I too, feel blessed to be a part of all that is unfolding.

I pray I may adequately meet all requirements needed.  Until the next newsletter in December I bid you farewell.

In Love and friendship …

Valry Sands.

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