I Am Seen

This photo is one of many taken at a place where guidance and communication from Nature has been received from a perspective of Creator Love and Intelligence that resides within the Fire, Air, Earth and Water Elemental Beings …

These messages speak to us all. I Am Seen is a glimpse into a series of five Journals named a Tribute to Nature, which will also become available through e-Books in the coming future.

Being of Light

Being of Light

I Am Seen … I am the Unseen.

I am the many yet am I One.

I am of your world yet I am not …

Light I am, Ether I am, Fire and Air, Earth and Water am I.

Sun and Moon and Stars am I

I am everything, yet I am not.

I am Isness …  ‘Allowing’ all, to ‘Be’ its Self.

I am Isness … ‘Allowing’ a human soul choice in its Play … its make belief … and yet, I … am it, the human soul …

‘Remembering’ that ‘doing’ does not ‘Allow’.

‘doing ‘ is not ‘Being’.

Every human soul is ‘Remembering’ its ‘True Self’
and this comes to pass, as it remembers that,
which is other than ‘Doing’