February 2014 Newsletter

Belated greetings from Eagles Reach Sanctuary, may all your aspirations for 2014 come into fruition with ease.

2013 was a fast moving year and brought great changes to the garden after experiencing a cyclone, drought and massive hailstorm.


It is due to this exceeding busy-ness of each day, while attending to the severity of impact to the garden, that the 2013 newsletter took a back seat.

Since the garden’s resurrection, many have come to enjoy the ambiance of the noticeably heightened energies.

Recent visitors were inspired by all they encountered, mentioning having experienced similar energies on their visit to Findhorn.

Among the wonderful additions and changes, there are now 17 Portal/Spirals, a dry creek bed running 2/3rds of the property’s length and a new Portal/Spiral specifically for the Indigenous Women of the World.

This Sacred Space has thirteen inner and outer stones within each circle. We strongly felt the presence of these women in Spirit on Solstice night … their Love and joy in joining with us and being honoured in this way was moving.

Each inner stone signifies a specific Tribe. Each Spirit Tribe working through this Portal, Knows a unique understanding of the way of things from Godhead. When a soul visiting the garden or seeking healing comes into the outer circle, what is needed and how this may be energetically given, is registered.

The Energetic Service of the specific group of Tribes Women, who answer the need, is then supported through the amplification of Love and support, from all other Tribes Women gathered in Spirit. Each are also learning the way of things from each other; this in turn brings about a merging that embraces a deeper level of Oneness at the Collective Level.

At the human level, our prayers and energetic support of Tribes Women, on Earth and beyond, are gathered up, enhanced by Spirit, and directed as upliftment into specific areas/levels of need within the individual Matrix being assisted.

We experience an expansion of Unconditional Love coming from Creator All, moving into and through our hearts. At a human level is directed into the Indigenous Women’s Matrix, containing thirteen minor matrixes … the thirteen Tribes.

During the 2013 Summer Solstice Ceremony, wonderful images were captured by Krista’s camera, The following photos were taken before and after. They show a previous enhancement having become stronger than the prior activation of this Spiral/Portal.

Indigenous women of the world spiral / portal

Indigenous Women of the World Spiral / Portal


Before Enhancement

Before Enhancement

After Enhancement

After Enhancement






… During the last couple of years, in carrying out all the changes in the garden,  I often felt like a leaf blown upon a strong wind briskly moving me along. Great was the Movement Within while accomplishing the Given Thought. The Inflow of people helping me achieve all that was indicated, and the provision of materials to do so, has been tremendous.

All that I previously didn’t know needed to be prepared, has been accomplished. Now my focus is turned towards making Eagles Reach Sanctuary, and what it has to offer, more widely known.

Eagles Reach Sanctuary needs your help in making others aware of the need to be preserved and made it into a Trust, so the wonderful work Spirit carries out in uplifting all who come here, and its work into the world at large, may continue.
I thank you for your support in this way.

The last couple of years of semi seclusion have also helped me realize how I had jumped ahead of myself, through not knowing the whys and wherefores of all the preparations that needed to come first. Embracing what not to do, has led to many changes in my beliefs regarding how I proceed.

As well, I came to quickly recognize how by being caught up in the doing, I had lapsed from keeping my attention in the Now and in remaining steadfast in asking about what truly needed to be fulfilled each day. This Inner Self Journey has brought me insightful depths and great strength.

With this heightened shift in my awareness, has also come a reality which speaks more deeply of how to live within the unseen energetic manifestation of the Infinite, while carrying out what is needed in the finite world. This has led me into a more conscious awareness of the Infinite Support assisting the Vision of Eagles Reach Sanctuary manifesting within the seen. I am truly blessed.

Further visual wonders during the 2013 Summer Solstice Ceremony and the lifting of the Veil, has added to the beauteous Grace of the Fire Elementals, which was to be made aware of a new energy present. It revealed itself as Silver with intermittent Blues and Greens.

This new energy feels so gentle and strong, yet joyous and playful. It delighted in being part of the Sounds we created.

Krista’s photography captured the energy coming out of the Sacred Instruments played. It is wondrous to see the Sounds of the instruments creating profoundly prominent swirls that are to the left of Vanessa as she sang Sacred Tongue and played the Crystal Bowl and as Blue energy swirling delightfully out of Katie’s Sacred Flute as she played.


Another phenomena noticed was that as the Veil lifted, our physical bodies seemed to disappear to be replaced by our energetic (transparent) bodies. In some instances, and as Sound was created, there were three and four images of each of us.

In one, as Vanessa encourages Rose in playing the Crystal Bowl, Vanessa’s Thought form, holding the image of Rose and the bowl, is clearly seen above her head.

All these wonders being presented are leading to an, at present, unknown discovery. The wonders being presented make this journey so very Sacred.

What has been captured on camera is growing in momentum. How, and for what true purpose it is brought about, is unknown to us. How it is these wonders can be seen through the viewfinder, yet not with the naked eye, is an unexplained phenomenon.

The magnitude of feelings experienced just prior to the photo being taken, is the only “five sensory” indication of when the Energy Intelligence seeks to be seen. It is all truly remarkable and wonderfully inspiring.

No.6… As more and more people come to experience the wonder here … explaining the 17 Portals as a snake like energy that weaves throughout the garden, has inspired me to paint an image that enables this energy to be perceived more easily.

May the receptivity of your heart enjoy this newsletter’s Gifts of Grace

Blessings to you all … Valry

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