Vision Plan

Our Vision is for Eagles Reach Sanctuary to achieve non-denominational charity status. Draft Plan Jan.2012

AgeStageInner JourneyOuter JourneyLife Events
Birth to 241st Stage: Living severe challenges due to being unaware
Age 24-362nd Stage: Remembering the Essence of Creator at 24 years of age after a 360% shift in consciousness. I experienced Creator as the Essence of Love & Wisdom existent within All Life, every living presence on Earth & beyond Learning to trust my Intuition coming from Knowing. Inner Journeying was to Experience multi-levels of Self-Healing. Healing & understandings extending into all reincarnations/past lives. Experiencing, embracing & becoming comfortable with being a multidimensional being. Learning to be comfortable in communicating with NatureBegan Spiritual Counselling. Carrying out Prayer Groups. Teaching Self-Awareness through Meditation. Rescue Work and working with Spirit. Holding and teaching advanced self-development groups. Teaching. Massage. Healing. Working with & creating a Children’s Self Help program. . Recording & Journaling numerous alternate consciousness experiences. Learning to work in alternate levels of awareness. Age 29: Spirits 1st. mention of eventually living in the mountains. Indication spoke of a small church a few hundred metres from where I would live. I sited this at age 44.
Age 36 – 56 3rd Stage: Beginning of isolation & concentration upon self/soul healing & energetic body restoration. Deeper Inner Journeying. Age 36: Given overview of my Life Plan with guidance of 12 Elders. Attuned to the 4 Elemental Maggis of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, while not fully understanding the significance of this attunement.1992 Moved to this land @ age 43: Began garden & energy work under Spirits direction. Age 52: (2000) Sound work & speaking in Sacred Language began, confidence in this developing during a 21 months long – ‘Walking my Talk Journey’. Becoming confident & accustomed to doing this work wherever I am led. Age 55 Created & activated Labyrinth & began other Spiral Rooms. Following Spirits specific directions, activation of Heaven Energies began being anchored more frequently & strongly. Age 36 Body near death. Withdrawal from Group Activities. While body healing and recovering, carried out Inner Plane, Earth Healing & for Indigenous Con. & Rescue Work
Age 56Successful conclusion to healing & accessing all past life traumas Embracing deeper self empowermentNurturing body. Energetically surveying properties. Soul Sessions. Expanding upon Garden Rooms/SpiralsDeeper healing for body. Inner Journey’s.
Age 63 to 654th Stage: Accepting Spiritual Caretakership /Guardian role for this Sanctuary’s Energetic Purpose. Recording all information given from Spirit pertaining to the functions of the Spirals and future expansion Much futuristic overview/revealing. Understandings honed. Deeper purpose to Spirals given, shown Eagles Reach Sanctuary as the Tree with its Seeds of understanding branching out. More Honing and following Spirit’s direction. Completing the final stages of all Sacred Spaces. Counselling. Soul Healing Sessions. Lots of garden additions. Preparing Journals for publishing& as ebooks on website Activating Spirals in surrounding countryside. Energetic Surveying. Greater development of speaking Sacred Tongue. Solstice Ceremonies. Completing Sacred Spaces. Assisting others in Communing with Nature & Earth. Counselling. Soul Healing Sessions.