Fire Elementals – Winter Solstice 2012

This evening’s amazing revealing of how the Fire Elemental uses the fire of tea lights as a conduit so as to come into the seen of the cameras view finder has left us speechless.

The path leading to the Labyrinth reveals the Om Symbol manifesting at almost every tea light.

Suspended in the air directly above the steps leading to the Labyrinth are 3 Om Symbols. These are independent of any tea light being under them. There are no words.

Amongst the diverse displays of the Fire Energy through the garden, again, there are no words for the amazing presence of the Fire Elemental taking a form more understandable to our human mind.

If looked at closely, a smile and eyes are to be discerned.

I repeat … there are no words … for the human mind, being unaccustomed to anything beyond the five senses world it knows, can be challenged by what is seen.


In preparation for the Winter Solstice of 2012, the fire was kept burning on and off for two days.

On the evening of the ceremony, while relighting the fire, I paused and offered a prayer to Creator. I asked that the Grace of the Fire of Creation, Flow freely this night, Touching and uplifting and cleansing all whom would be present, all Life in the surrounds and all that is Touched upon in the outer world, through the Earth’s Energy Lines connected with Eagles Reach Sanctuary.

Little did I know during my prayer, that the response from Creator would choose to reveal Itself in such a visual way.

The following images are an example of the Lifting of the Veil between the Seen and the Unseen … the manifestation of the Fire Elementals is a Gift to all who see this amazing proof … it is truly beyond words.

Click on the images below to view each picture in more detail.

In bringing up the second picture, you will see three clear Om Symbols. When you look more closely you will see that the Fire Elemental have also created an image of the Om symbol through the use of many of the other tea lights along the path. Note how the first three clear Om Symbols are suspended in the air and have no tea light fire energy connecting to them.

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