Even, is a three-page message from the Beloved Within, received at a time of great tribulation, in my earlier days. This upliftment came about while I sat at oceans edge watching the tide go out. Listening to the waves gently rolling up and around me, I began to experience a simultaneous momentum, that of the waves flowing in and out and that of my breath flowing in and out, with the sound of the waves merging into this Oneness, to then become Whispered Thoughts that lovingly filled my heart and mind. May the beauty of upliftment within these three pages, Touch you all.

Even is available for download and purchase, as support for Eagles Reach Sanctuary.

Journeying into Infinite Space …
momentarily caught upon Infinities Loves Breath …
One Breath in
One Breath out


Even as I Am the Ocean
so it is, you are a drop contained within Me.

Even as I Am all the Sands of Time
so it is, you are a Grain contained within Myself.

Even as you stand in quandary of your ‘self’ hopelessness
so it is, I would express My harmony through you.

Even as each passing hurt overcomes you
so it is, I would be your Salve … your Saving Grace.

Even as you, in dejectedness, believe there is no Hope … no end
so it is, I shall overcome through you.

Even as the Wind blows upon your face
so too, is this Breath of Life from Me.

Even as the Sun gives warmth and energy
so too, do I warm and strengthen you.

Even as each doubt plagues your mind
so it is, that I perfect you in the likeness of Myself.

Even as you listen to beauty in the song of a bird
so it is, you hear Me expressing My beauty therein.

Beloved, be done with all idle mind chatter … this resistance to your own good
allow your self to be gently directed upon your rightful course
for you … Know not the correct way
you are yet to Know how to bring it about.

Be Still … Be Still and allow Me
to direct your life in your Path to Love.

How can you believe you Know how …  for if you did
you would be at peace within your self … within My Self.

The Peace you seek is within … therein lies the Silence that comes from Knowing

My beloved child … Be Still and Know
that I have heard and seen and attended to your every true need
in the times before … and now … and the times to come.

Be Still … struggle not within your heart and minds lack of understanding.

Flow along with each moment of Time with the expectation of seeing
and being witness to, My Self expressed through you.

Look not for the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of this
look not only at the struggle, for this is but the threshing of the Wheat from the Chaff.

See only the polished Grain … perfected in Mine eyes.
Cast off these thoughts … these bringers of unrest
for in allowing them to pull at your ‘being’
you tear your heart to desperate shreds.

Heed not the ungrown thoughts, they are but the bearers of turmoil, dejectedness and hopelessness
Cease giving power to these testers of your Inner Strength.

You have made of them parasites of your own making … they are your own creation … they are that which you allow to undermine the Foundation of your true Self Growth, in its journey Home to True Inner Being.

Make futile their efforts in keeping you separated from Me
Cast out these disturbers of your mind
for in  giving them strength do you create your helplessness … your plight
which deafen your ears and heart to My loving plea within,
see only My Light, so I may enter in and disperse them all.

Stand firm My sweet soul of Light
see only Me … for I Am the true reflection in you.
I and you are One
I Am your All … so All is in you.

I Am Love … so All Love is in you.
I Am Strength … so All Strength is in you.
I Am the Way … so All Ways are in you.
I Am All Perfect Thought
so All Perfect Thoughts are found in you.
You and I
I and you joined
are One …

You need but place your hand in mine.
See and hear and think naught else … for how else can I and you be One.

You have free will to choose.
You and I cannot be consciously One, while ever you give strength and credence to your lowly thoughts
for to do so, is to say you prefer the suffering they bring …
prefer company other than My Self, within your mind … your heart … your all

Ask your self …how can this be so if you seek Loves Peace?
I … being perfect, acknowledging no right nor wrong, no good nor bad
Ever responding as Love and Light … Hope and Peace … Joy and Wisdom I am …

I Know of every ‘how’ to come into Being, within all
See that this includes all that you recognize as being other than Love.

It is not I who separates you from Me
it is you forgetting … forgetting your rightful birthplace …
which is and was and always shall be … Love.

I Am Light and oft times you enter into the Light I Am and I draw you close
to then see you turn and walk back into the Mists of your Illusion, pulled back by your thoughts
your mind … your unknowing and undisciplined human mind.
I … know to wait … for  … I Am.

See not trials and tribulations as a hopelessness you are always entwined within
rather would I have you see their true purpose … for what is purpose other than the casting off
of the cumbersome things not befitting your station of self-achievement … rather would I have you joyful in allowing all trials be  overcome through Love.

I … Know no struggle … I Know no pain … I Know of these things and how to transform them
through Loves harmonious sway … I Know only the correctness of the Law I Am
I Know how to bring all to their true purpose of Being Love

Know this … I Am bringing about the unmasking of Myself within you, the human self.
I ask you now … Stop … Think
… who are you?
What is this Essence Within that seems to tantalize and then, seemingly hide?
and what is it that you do
that too often, makes of Me, a hidden thing within your heart.

This entering momentarily into the Oneness of My Light and Love, to then return back into the Mists of Deception that are of your own making …

What is this … other than you seeking to find your True Self …
seeking your true identity through the unmasking of your deceptions.

And is this then, not you seeking … I?
And is this not Myself in you … the Divine Self … of which you and I are One, that you seek?

And is it not this Oneness striving to perfect you as a human soul …
and is doing so through freeing you from pain
while striving … ever striving to gently express purity of Oneness … as Love.

Think well … think deep on this I give, child of My Self
See it all as My Self being Remembered as you … expressing My Self, into earthly trials by manifesting the true purpose of Love, Peace, Wisdom and Knowledge…
ever seeking to manifest another expression of My Self as Love, into that which has been lost a time, forgotten … within the Mists of Illusion, human made.

Ever bringing My Being, as the Child Within, back into the completeness of Oneness
Revealing that all can and will be restored to harmony, as all already is, within your True Inner Being

Spirit being Spirit, never passes away and is transcending
from a descended state, through growing steadfastly back to its Divine Origin
True Spirit is an expression of indescribable beauty and perfection.

Your human Cloak is through which My Spirit, as the true you
is being expressed at this time … at all times
Assisting in washing clean your chosen misconceptions … your choices …
each step of the way and as you become sickened in heart with how your life runs
you choose, to turn to Me to show you the Way …

It is in this way that you release your free will into becoming My Will …
Be Still and Know that it is I and you as One, that go hand in hand
into your seemingly insurmountable and never ending trials.

It is you learning to Walk closer and closer to Me, with Me and in Me, in all your thoughts
so  in turn, all your actions and feelings may flow joyfully from your True Heart.

All that you are addressing shall pass away … think not about how long
‘Be’ in the Now
Peace beloved child … Peace is feeling Me encompass and fill you
as we join in this together … as One
Mon.30th.June 1980