Energetic Significance of 16 Spirals

Genealogy of the Spirals.

labyrinthThe Labyrinth This was the first creation. The larger outer stones were acquired from a friend’s property prior to its sale. These stones were part of a fireplace and had been intuitively placed over an unrecognised Spiral. Following communication with the Indigenous Caretaker of that area, at his suggestion and gaining permission to remove them from the owners, I brought the rocks here and energetically linked the Spiral on that property with the Labyrinth.

After the Labyrinth’s completion, I realized that the area needed for its size, had already been present within the enfoldment of the surrounding garden. Only a small portion of garden needed to be moved back to accommodate its size. (re-view before photo in Co-Creator & Legend of this land.)

Heaven and Earth Energies began being anchored in, activated and distributed regularly.

The Labyrinth Full Moon meditations came into being, followed by a monthly Earth Healing gathering. People from around the world began being led here, experiencing visions and profoundly inspirational energetic occurrences.

The Air/Spirit Rainbow Dragon/Serpent energies surrounding the Labyrinth were brought into my conscious awareness. I began perceiving supportive Dragon/Fire energy becoming activated immediately upon someone coming near to or entering into the Labyrinth. Colored swirls of energy radiate out from it, adding support to the uplifting being brought through the Labyrinth.  My understanding of the Dragon Energy is that it is the Kundalini Energy of the Earth … the Beginning Time Energy of Creation.

Throughout the Labyrinth there are also columns of coloured Light, these columns contain Sound and Flower and Gem Essences … Sacred Symbols & Sacred Geometry. All these combine to work with all other vibrational healing coming from Spirit.

As one walks the Labyrinth, each Colour Ray Column associated with a relevant Chakras and Etheric Chakra Centres of the human body, seeks to bring balance to an individuals personal need. All one is asked, is to pause in the places where their imbalance registers in the Labyrinth. This imbalance is experienced as a sense of falling over.

In the astral above the large fig tree is a group of Indigenous Beings. They wear varying colored loincloths, denoting their area of expertise and work. Above these is another group with white loincloths who oversee the group below. Above them all, is the One I call the Sacred Elder, who within Oneness, oversees all that is carried out here and beyond. His Golden Light Radiance has led me to believe that he is one of the Illumined Beings … a God Being from within Indigenous Collective Consciousness.

First conscious connection with the Sacred Elder began with Rescue Work in 1984, at the time of Cyclone Tracy’s devastation of Darwin in Australia. A friend visiting Darwin brought my attention to circumstances her clairvision and clairaudience perceived through the rent in the Veil. The Veil is the energetic fabric between the humanly living and the deceased.

Knowing that Rescue Work is one area I specialize in, she approached me regarding the appalling horror these trapped souls were suffering. In prayer, I called to Parent Thought for one to be brought forth who understands the intricate workings of this culture and the need for a ‘Passing Through Ceremony’ … such that would enable this multitude of bound Indigenous souls, to be helped into their rightful place within Dreamtime.

What transpired during this Rescue Work is written of in my Journal named Soul Rescue: An Aspect of Communion: A Journey into Awareness. Book 1.

On another level, the purpose of the Labyrinth is at its center. Radiating outwardly, are what I term ‘Mind Lines’. These are not to be confused with Ley and Song Lines. Firstly a human mental line is consciously created from the Labyrinth center to a place focused upon within the world. This humanly created ‘Mind Line’ is then taken up, amplified and added to, to become a pathway, a mental/energetic road, which Spirit builds upon and uses directly in sending energetic support to all places through out the world that the Labyrinth has become connected to.

One example and confirmation of the reality of mind lines is in the following and came when the Labyrinth had just been finished. Several women known to me, having become confident in their development in this line of work, all felt called to go Ireland. I remained, having been asked to hold the energy at this end at a relevant Portal, using Sound/Toning and Sacred Speech.

They were away for two weeks in which time I found myself sleeping soundly during the day, while going to the Portal early each evening. At the time I didn’t fully understand why I simply went into a deep sleep. Upon returning from Ireland they all spoke of having seen me, as though physically there, working with them. While I am aware of this other part of myself going off and doing work in unseen levels, this was the first time I experienced such sound sleep for such a length of time. My friends had also connected the places they had gone to, to the centre of the Labyrinth with mind lines.

At the time I finished creating the Labyrinth I was informed that it was now connected with Ireland and the Sacred Places my friends had been drawn to. Every level of my self accepted and believed this except a part of my cellular level self. Not having a direct physical experience of the understanding given, it was yet to align with this Truth. In the beginning times of learning about and creating/holding mind lines, I was often overcome by the enormity of the information being given.

My cellular consciousness alignment was brought about some days later through an unexpected visit from a friend who is an after life medium. Sitting in the garden and enjoying the warmth of sunshine, she presently called out to tell me that a beauteous woman in Spirit was walking up from the Labyrinth. I asked her to see if there was any way she may need our help.

This beautiful woman replied through my friend … Tell Valry that my name is Misty and I am the Keeper of the Portals between here and Ireland. This is one of numerous examples of how a friend, not knowing anything about the unseen work Spirit carries out here, becomes instrumental in assisting my cellular self, in aligning more readily with information coming from Higher Thought.

Star Ankh Spiral

Recent work Spirit carried out here (February 2012) revealed how the building power at Eagles Reach Sanctuary enabled upliftment to be brought about for a collective group of Indigenous Spirit Ancestors of a visiting friend. She saw both sides of her Spirit Ancestor family brought through into the Labyrinth energies. These souls firstly came from a distant Portal known to me and then through the Star Ankh Spiral/Portal.

My friend watched with awe as they danced a specific Bird Corroboree, a dance of freedom, into the Labyrinth, which had a 6-pointed Star of Light manifested into it by the Sacred Elder. These souls were moved into varying sections inside and around this Star of Light. These sections denoted the areas of their evolutionary status and their specific requirements.

My friend and I observed how all these souls were then raised up into a vibrational level that connected them with the group of Indigenous helpers with the colored loincloths, with one of each of these individuals taking charge of an appropriate group.

To the human eye, this level would be likened to being half way up the giant fig tree that is beside the Labyrinth. I was given to understand that they were to be healed of all the horrors they had ever suffered and where then to be assisted in restoring their true memory of their Oneness with Mother Essence.

Above this and coming energetically from the Indigenous Spirit Beings with white loincloths … Loves Light holding varying qualities of Healing Grace needed by each individual being helped, poured into and over the souls being helped.

And above all transpiring was the Sacred Elder, so huge that that I perceived his Presence reaching into Outer Space, with his pure shining Golden Light Radiance, overseeing and outpouring into all transpiring. All heartache, sorrow, grief and betrayal … every discordant resonance registered within the hearts and souls of my friends Ancestors was transformed.

Upon the completion of Healing Grace, all were brought back down from the astral level to the visual Labyrinth. They were then led to the Fire Place Spiral/Portal behind the fig tree. Here, was revealed, how these souls needed to experience and remember the Sacredness of the Feminine, within themselves and in others and to again embrace their forgotten Wisdom and Truth from the Beginning Time.

One of the Gifts of the Fire Circle Energy is bringing mental calm, clarity and open-mindedness. The misconceptions and negative understandings of these Ancestors were purified in the Fire Energy and then replaced with the needed attributes. With this heightened clarity, my friends Ancestors were then led into the Heart Spiral. The beauteous Essence of Love within this Spiral filled into them, reactivating their forgotten memory of how to feel this purely.

Cosmic Spiral

They were then led into the Cosmic Spiral/Portal and were reconnected with remembering the Universal Divine Mother Energies.

Buddha Spiral
Womb of CreationThey were then taken to the Womb of Creation Spiral/Portal. I saw two huge Indigenous Women Sentinels standing at its entrance. In the energetic world, they stood exactly where the two large rocks at the entrance were. I watched as each and every Ancestor knelt and bowed their head to the ground, thus paying homage to the Presence of the Divine Mother Essence.

The Womb of Creation, while small in physical reality, is huge in the astral and easily expands and contracts to accommodate all who enter. I watched as this Spirals energy intensified in its downward flow, gathering all up and then drawing them into the very center of Mother Earths Heart. All were fully reconnected with the Earthly Divine Feminine Principle as the Mother Earth. This gave them a reconnection with the true Memory of Being, within their evolution.

Fully restored through this last alignment, they were returned to the Ankh Star Portal and returned to where they needed to be within the Scheme of Things. I also glimpsed, how now being healed and in balance with Love and Wisdom, remembering who they are and from where they had originated, they eagerly sought to return to help their people and the many known to them, be it in Spirit or in human form.
There has been another gigantic shift in the collective Indigenous Consciousness and I give my thanks.

labyrinth poles

The Labyrinth has two Power Poles beside it. The energies anchored into these come from the Elohim/Heaven Energies and the Rainbow Snake Energies.

Fire Circle SpiralThe Fire Place Circle/Portal … energy also encourages sitting around a fire and allowing all to intuitively and spontaneously transpire. It is a place where drums and flute have been greatly enjoyed. Toning is also experienced here. The Fire Elemental Beings working through the energy of the fire and the Spiral transmute all discordant consciousness that comes into their Presence.

  • It is a place in which mental clarity can be obtained.
  • It’s a place that transmutes fearful beliefs.
  • It calms over active children who are caught up in a fast thinking erratic mind.
  • It is representative of the Sun when there is a Sun/Moon eclipse, wherein the male/mind/man, toning, faces a female/heart/woman, toning in the Heart Spiral next to it. As the Sun and Moon eclipses … the man and woman, while continually toning, move towards each other, coming face to face in the space that connects both Spirals. This symbolizes the eclipse of man and woman as independent individuals to become the heart and mind as One. This ceremony is done on behalf of all Humankind.

Fire Circle Power PolesThese three Power Poles are situated in the garden beside the Fire Place Spiral/Portal. The energies of the power coming through the symbols given by the Sacred Elder are anchored in one, the second has connections with the Ancient Indigenous of New Zealand, known as Wahtaha and the third is representative of the support here, coming from the Yeti Consciousness and the Inner Earth Beings. All Power Poles are a finite world/physical object, through which the unseen energies flow. They can be likened to being a physical conduit.

During the Winter Solstice Ceremony 2012, a Fire Elemental was captured on camera. This can be seen under the Fire Elemental & Orbs menu.

Heart SpiralThe Heart Spiral/Portal …  mentioned with the Fire Circle information above, is a place that calms through directly nourishing the heart. It’s an energy that enables one to speak about what is truly in the heart without fear. It encourages one to be gently truthful about ones self and strengthens ones intent in being True to Self in a compassionate way. This in turn leads to unconditional Love of self and others.
At the heart of this Spiral sits a stone that the Mother as Ocean uncovered and gave me during interstate journeying. It speaks of upliftment always being available whether seen or recognized.


Cosmic SpiralThe Cosmic Spiral/Portal … brings a personal and solitary experience in embracing deeper Sacredness. It too, has played a part during a Sun and Moon eclipse. Individuals with Sacred Intent stand within one of the spirals throughout the land, one that they have intuitively been moved to, to become a conduit for a varying frequency of Heaven Energy seeking to come in and nourish the Earth Energies with upliftment.

This Spiral’s powerful Cosmic Fire Energy is controlled and subdued by Spirit as its intensity and placement is to high for a human individual to be exposed to in all its strength.

Buddha spiralThe Buddha Spiral/Portal …  this Sanctuary acknowledges and accepts every denominational and spiritual expression of the Essence of Creator and honours the Sacred Journey of each individual human.

Throughout Humanities evolution Buddha’s compassionate resonance has manifested as Love and Wisdom.  This most welcomed permeating source of all good anchored within this Spiral/Portal, enables individuals to peacefully contemplate and receive upliftment, from this God Stream. It is a space where all individuals are embraced, while providing those reaching to the Divine through Buddha, an experience in attuning themselves to this Divine Grace or paying homage.

Water Spiral 1The Water Spiral/Portal (1) …   is the large fishpond setting. It brings cleansing of discordant emotions and like all Spirals situated throughout the property has the capability of uplifting all, even the spiritually unaware, through bringing about emotional healing and calmness.

A Water Elemental Being works through this Space and the other two smaller ponds. This beauteous Being connects throughout the property and countryside, by following underground streams and waterways. Under the large fish pond, some forty to fifty meters below is an underground stream. The Water Elemental takes the anchored energies of support into the world, beginning at this underground waterway

Water Spiral 2Water Spiral/Portal (2) …  is adjacent to the large fishpond and has the underground stream running under it also.

It is a focus point at which communication with the Overlighting Deva of this land may be made

It is a place of sitting and allowing the mind to drift, observe. It encourages resolving feelings that float up to the surface of conscious mind from out the pool of inner consciousness. This Spirals energy encourages one to consciously and mentally focus on what needs to go, and release it into the Spirit of the Stream they are energetically sitting in … This manner of letting go, allows the Water Elemental to assist in dissolving all released, within the Spirit of Water.

Each time cleansing is allowed, so too, does ones True Nature come forth greater and greater, filling into the place in consciousness cleansed.

Beside one of the smaller ponds is the Peace Power Pole. Its nurturing calm enables people to become peaceful and for some it is to gentle flow into the deep peace consciousness … of Stillness.

Orbs: Under the website menu for Fire Elementals and Orbs, there is a photo that has captured Orbs around the Peace Spiral.


grounding spiralThe Grounding Spiral …  assists one in bringing back scattered mental energies. People, who are frequently out there with the left-brain thinking mind, are often tired or exhausted. This can be due to the mental bodies numerous points of focus out there focus. What I have come to understood is that when one is mentally scattered, the mental body draws upon the reserves of physical body energy to meet its needs. Through the support of this Spiral, these countless mind streams going here there everywhere are drawn back and grounded into the body.

Spiritual Warrior SpiralThe Spiritual Warrior Spiral/Portal … this Earth energy has a statue depicting one of the Goddess’s islanders revere. Ancient history speaks of a village plagued by a giant prehistoric bird regularly capturing and eating a village person. A warrior devised a plan to rid the village of this bird yet his plan needed someone to distract the bird’s attention so he could jump on its neck and plunge a sharp instrument into it. There was only one woman of the village who was brave enough to consider giving up her life for the lives of others and in turn help bring about safety for the villagers. The story speaks of Unconditional Love, sacrifice, bravery, strength and courage such that overrides fear through care for others that goes beyond self. This Spiral calls forth the strength of the Spiritual Warrior Essence that resides within us all, such that overcomes all challenges.

The Home Healing Spiral/Portal …  is one of the four larger spirals of the property and through it embracing all, contains all that this property registers. All that registers on this property is a held in its heart. Its size takes in a large portion of my home, being situated under it.

Through playing varying styles of gentle music, the colours created by the music are taken up and used for good purpose throughout the other Spiral/Portals.

A phenomenon occurred within this Spiral/Portal many years ago. I had a huge Amethyst Geode, standing thigh high, in my care. At that time and unbeknown that the Spiral existed, apart from feeling a wonderful ambiance in my lounge home, I had placed it almost at the Spirals center.

Approximately a year later I began noticing that small crystals had begun to grow inside the Geode. This phenomenon brought many people much delight and wonder. Even the larger crystals right at the back of the cave began to grow, so much so, that they began to crack into each other.

Cross SpiralThe Four Sided Cross Spiral/Portal …  is encircled with white quartz, depicting the Holy Symbol of the Four Sided Ascension Cross surrounded by a Circle of Light. This spiral holds strong emanations of the Feminine Essence of Divine Mother. While the Mothers all-embracing Love Essence, permeates this Space, to stand separately within each section is to also experience varying resonances. These independent energies come from the four Holy Symbols of white Quartz that are buried in the Earth under each quadrant.

As well, to stand at one of the four end arms of the cross is to experience a further quality of energy. Therefore nine qualities of energy resonate within the one energy, making this ten qualities of energy.

Energetic benefits of this sitting place, encourages sharing and compassionate caring.  When the deep nurturing feeling of this energy is physically accepted, being warmly and safely held within the arms of the Mother is experienced.

fire spiralThe Fire Spiral/Portal (2) …  This large Spiral/Portal has been brought into the seen through placing stones into the ground in the exact replica of the Fire Cleansing Symbol the Sacred Elder has entrusted me with.

All who have stood in this Spirals center have experienced benefits. At times, profound energetic movement has occurred within their physical body, especially when visualizing the symbol swirling up from the Mother Earth’s Fires, coming up through the body to pause above ones head, to then return back down while taking all discordance gathered up, back into the Earths Fire for purification.

Three Fold Fire polesTo the side of this Fire Spiral/Portal are three Power Poles with the Three Fold Cleansing Fire anchored in.

The three poles are set in White Quartz for grounding and amplification purposes. Once again, all who have stood in this energy have experienced varying degrees of upliftment, sensations of heat and even the physical body vibrating. Cleansing comes from the combining of … 1). Violet Fire. 2). Fire of Shiva. 3). Fire of Creation.


Womb of Creation

The Womb of Creation/Portal …  Before I knew the name for this Spiral and little realizing the significance of needing to lay stones as an entrance, I was overwhelmed when being given a name to then have a friend, not knowing what this Spiral was called, pointed out that it was likened to the uterus, the entrance to a womb.

This place of Mother nurturing firstly embraces, then draws one down into the Earths Womb Consciousness to assist Remembering Pure Being within ones human awareness. It is to also experience that pure point within the Womb, which is the safety of Being in Touch with the Mothers bountiful life giving nurturing. It is to Remember never having a care nor worry and that all is provided for. It is to Remember that the Mother with her magnitude of diverse ways, gives of her Life to all equally.

It give one a sense of being safe and for women and men alike, who suffer grief and loss … it brings healing through transmutation.

Its upliftment knows no limits. Many have greatly benefited from these precious nurturing energies.

womb of creation stoneA large Serpentine stone was placed in the Womb of Creation Spiral at the conclusion of creating it. I found myself simply standing and shaking my head when this stone was gifted to this Spiral.

Just prior to the Serpentine Stone coming into the Spiral, I had been made aware that my next task was to create an energetic form of a snake. As well and at that stage of creating Spiral Rooms, the Womb of Creation Spiral was the last or the end of this snake energy so far activated … so I thought.

To receive a Serpentine stone in conjunction with being asked to create an energetic snake, as I said … left me shaking my head in wonder of it all, for to me snake and serpent depict the same.

Star Ankh Spiral

The Star Ankh Cross Spiral/Portal … This latest creation (2011) has brought forth countless energetic Gifts of Grace. In the week following its conclusion and activation, six individuals were moved to come here and carry out Sacred Ceremony.

At the conclusion of the sixth Sacred Intent and within my minds eye, I found my self, standing within Heavens Space before a register. It held the names of these six people and beside their names was a tick, showing that they have fulfilled a part they were to play, through the ceremony performed within this Space.

It was in this instance that my cellular body was activated into the realization that Eagles Reach Sanctuary is ordained. Many experiences occurred over following days and weeks. Two beautifully gifted friends, 1). while Toning, saw a ship of Light out in the Cosmos, anchoring Light into the Spiral with this Light continuing on, to the very heart of Mother Earth … 2).  The second friend saw similar, with the Light Ship connection being the strongest revealing for her.

Others had similar visionary glimpses, seeing Light in varying vibrational colours pouring into this Spiral/Portal. A greater connection with the Star Nations was being established. From this I also gathered that the Star Nations and Galactic Brethren had connected with this Spiral/Portal more strongly.

This Sacred Space, the Star Ankh, is unfolding its purpose into my understandings gently, moment by moment. This comes, not so much through understandings given but rather through experiencing the action that manifests through it.

beginning time spiralThe Beginning Time Spiral … is the tail end of the Rainbow Snake energy, which runs back to the Labyrinth through every Spiral throughout this property.

This energetic sitting place assists in experiencing Remembering the beginning point of learning cycles and the Journey taken to present time. It enables one to define what repetitious constraints need to be healed, to then fund and embrace a particular strength consciously.

It helps in an overview being achieved rather than being enmeshed within discordance. The energy here helps a soul to be focused with an, assess and re-assess, point of outlook that seeks to bring one a balanced overview. This results in all feelings that become exposed, as not working in ones life, being placed alongside of feelings of how to truly feel ones True Nature in any situation.

These primordial yet Divinely reaching and nurturing Mother Earth Energies, having a Cosmically connected counterpart, making this a two fold benefit flowing through this Spiral/Portals energy … the Father/Heaven and Mother/ Earth resonance … assisting the Sacred Intent Within that is seeking to unfold Itself into the ever present Now of human awareness.

Directional Spiral

The Directional Spiral/Portal … The uniqueness of this energetic support comes through drawing ones focus towards seeking the way best to proceed for ones own good. It encourages the how to go about something rather than reiterating what is.

Being visually presented in a simple way with a little table and two chairs, it is conducive to communicating and sharing with another.

Further qualities of this Spirals support is the subtle enhancing Grace that comes from the crystals in a blue bowl of water on the table. The Crystal Essences derived from within this bowl are brought into ones aura, with this benefit, naturally flowing on to enhance ones chakras.

This subtlety is a truly profound feather soft Touch of Love in action.

Two Minor Activated Energy Places … These work independently within the Whole, likened to an extension from a Spiral.

grounding placeThe first of these is what I call a Grounding Place and is next to one of the smaller frog ponds. It works similar to the other Grounding Spiral. It is a wonderful place to sit and write for it assists in anchoring the thoughts seeking expression onto paper.

Being within its Essence brings a great sense of being here now.


Elemental Power PoleThe Elemental Power Pole … This place is expressed with intuitive artwork that also has four quartz stone attached to the pole.

Every stone on the property connects with Ley, Grid and Song Lines, with the Essence of these also distributed into the underground waterways. It is directionally overseen by two predominate Beings, that of the Sacred Elder and the Inner Earth Being whose fabric of existence is of all the Elements and beyond. Predominately he oversees the distribution of the Mineral Kingdom Beings energies, therefore also oversees the distribution of Stone Energy of support, which comes through the four quartz stones in the Power Pole.

The Four Elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water also assist each person who sits before this Pole. The four quartz stones also signify these Beings. These energies firstly register any discordance within the chakras and then rebalance them.

Quan Yin activatedLady Quan Yin

This photo shows another example of honouring my inner direction when placing a statue or stone where specifically indicated before calling upon a specific Divine Energy to be anchored in.

Anchoring in Creators individual God Stream Energy of Lady Quan Yin brought an amazing Gift. After lodging a prayer of upliftment on behalf of all whom come into the presence of and pass by this statue, I felt to take a photo and was rewarded by seeing this radiance flowing out from the statue.

There was no human emotion large enough to describe, how literally, mindless with feelings of awe I became, when seeing this Divine Beings Essence captured in this visual way. I have experienced a profound and deeply confirming acceptance within, that I am a part of and am a human conduit, for Work, which brings profound upliftment, often beyond a human minds ability to fully perceive.

I have experienced countless ways and means of confirmation, all speaking of the totality of Heavens Support in bring healing and assisting to all, the Earth and all Life upon it.

Collectively we are all being led back into the Remembrance of that which is True Being.

We  … are all  being led back to that which is the Divine and Pure within.

Goh-Llum Goh – Llum

Many years ago, I met a lady who loved creating clay figures. One evening as she was beginning to mould a face to the statue I now call Goh – Llum, a Presence entered her work place, took charge of her hands and finished shaping the face of the statue.  When this Presence withdrew at the conclusion, she received a powerful thought impregnation that said … ‘ Give this statue to Valry’.

Around the same time, I had begun connecting with a Being here on this land whom I believed was a highly evolved Stone Intelligence … a Mineral Kingdom Being.

At a later time, I was brought into the understanding that this radiant Golden Light Being and Presence is an Inner Earth Being. He oversees the energetic distribution of all the Mineral Kingdom Energies brought through this place.

Goh-Llum faceHis radiance flows through the statue, which gives a visual experience to the magnitude of his Loves Grace. In staring into the eyes, people begin to whelm up in great Joy and happiness, with many bursting into laughter.

All the energetic support that flows for the good of all, through this Space of Love, comes from numerous Beings of Love purposefully bringing forth Grace from within the God Stream they are.

It is with heart felt gratitude that I give thanks to all the Divine Ones, the Ascended Masters and Masters, the Elohim, the Archangels and Angels of Sound, Colour and Form, the Collective Indigenous Nations of Spirit, the Star Nations, our Brethren from outer galaxies right down to the Elementals of Fire, Air, Earth and Water, the Devas, Nature Spirits, Sylphs, Endives, the Mineral Kingdom Beings, the medicine consciousness of the Winged Ones, the Four Legged, the Creeping Crawling Ones.

All the Heavens have Woven the Thread of All that is this place and the work carried out here. All assist the Sacred Elder and all whom come under his loving direction. All assist the beloved Inner Earth Beings in their Eternal Service to Earth and Humanity through their Oneness with Earth and Nature. … I give thanks for their Love and patience with us all.

It was revealed many years ago, that there would come a time wherein all the Indigenous Races of the world would come together as One. This collective merging has taken place in the unseen realms. This Oneness is now out picturing into the world, where it is seen that the gathering of these ancient culturally endowed peoples of the world are gathering together with a one hearted purpose.

There are so many wondrous Oneness connections flowing into this place. There are many God Stream Spirit Beings participating in the energetic work carried out at Eagles Reach Sanctuary. It truly is, Heaven on Earth and it may be further likened to being a tiny replica of the Planets and Galaxies, all turning around the nucleus, which is the Central Sun … the very Heart of Creator All That Is.

Truly are we all Loved. Truly is the Truth of Love lying waiting to be remembered and rediscovered, from within the heart of every culture and denomination.

And as a Pebble causing a ripple affect … all are Touched through Grace which flows from and is Eagles Reach Sanctuary.

Truly am I Blessed in the Task of Being its Voice.