Autumn 2011 Newsletter

Since Eagles Reach Sanctuary website came into fruition, there has been much wonderful Seeding, with many things beginning to stretch and grow due to all who, in varying capabilities, now support the evolvement of this portion of Mother Earths Sacred Face.

My gratitude and thanks begins firstly with the Beloved Creator, without Whom nothing is possible. My thanks goes to all in Spirit from the highest to the lowest (yet never the lowest) … for from all, within the Spirit of Earth and Nature, comes such wondrous support and revealing, leaving me overwhelmed at times at the unseen Plan unfolding as a parallel.

My thanks goes to all who have gifted financial support, to those who have come forward to assist in the care of the garden, the office and to those wonderful souls who are now the members of the Eagles Reach Sanctuary Association.

Since the birth of the website, much has been achieved in every quarter. There are some  loving individuals who offer help with the gardens, as able. There are  wonderful souls who through their individual skills, help with computer information I need to learn and see to website admin and while there is much embraced, there are times when I still feel like a farmer trying to be a technician … two vast extremes.

8 of 38 Journals are now revised and ready for proof reading, concluding their preparation and presentation for E.books and this is to see my beautiful sister’s help in this end task, as with all future Journals. This is also to see my friend Katie using the same expertise used to set up the website, to set up all needed for E.books

Six sided star in Ankh cross

Six sided star in Ankh cross

Another Sacred Creation has been accomplished and activated. Created from varying stones and slate … is a six pointed Star inside an Ankh Cross. I have experienced the joy of  5 people performing sacred ceremony within this Star/Ankh, and what has come from this, has been beautiful.
I leave any further elaboration regarding this special creation for when I touch upon the functions and matters of interest, of all the circles on this land, this shall be spoken of, in a menu specifically for this purpose.

The last Earth Healing Meditation, held here every second Sunday of the month, again saw new faces and while always having been a small fluctuating group of 6 – 12 people, perhaps it will grow to include others interested in coming, through distance being manageable due to living within the surrounding areas of Maleny Qld. Australia.

Having gradually taken up the reigns that call for distributing and allocating, has become a joy, for this has brought a greater sharing with others, as they participate in and experience the wonder and beauty that is Eagles Reach Sanctuary.

My own enlightenment and expansion has been to be filled with understandings and deeper insights from Spirit, and this has added to the maturity of  my Trust funded throughout my life’s journey, with a concrete Knowing, a certitude that this Growing Seed called Eagles Reach Sanctuary has been and is ordained.

During revising my Journals, So Be It. Part 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Sand Scripts … many cryptic messages hitherto not understood, now stood out glaringly obvious, with a further understanding revealing that the cryptic symbolism was given to foretell what is now manifesting, with some of these messages having been given some twenty years ago. Back then I would have been to immature to be able to grasp, acknowledge and accept the role I now play and I needed to Realize into Being the content of the messages first, not simply be given, what back there would have been second hand information and not self realization.

And so dear friends, until the next newsletter in September 2011 I end here. Bless you all and again thank you. May your Path be gentle in your unfolding.

Valry Sands
July 2011

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