Autumn 2013 Newsletter

Hello to you all,

The busyness of the last few months has held my focus upon the expansive changes within the Garden. The cyclonic weather brought the beginning of these changes.

 All damage has been turned around and created into the expansion mentioned. The gardens energies have noticeably heightened further and in turn changing the degree of uplifting ambiance one may experience. It is truly wondrous.

 Over the months, attending to all needed, my heart was overwhelmed yet sang in joy as countless times, wondrous people came and helped me where and whenever needed.

 Several of the Spiral Rooms have also been altered … enhanced. Several await attention to the erosion caused through the excessive flow of water.

 During the course of altering and enhancing to Spiral Rooms, a futuristic cognition experienced some years ago has manifest. It was revealed to me ‘back then’ that the Womb of Creation Spiral Room would have very large rocks/boulders around the perimeter.

 I imagined they would be like standing stones and had wondered how the ‘process’ that works through this garden would bring them about.

 Recently, a beautiful soul who also has love and an affinity with the Stone Energy Consciousness brought 12 very large stones.

 I was ‘indicated’ to place them around the Womb of Creation as sentinels and the remaining ones to its entrance. There was enough for me to create a stone seat in the centre.

More photos taken from different angels of the Womb of Creation Spiral are to come..

Until the Winter Newsletter … may all you joys be sweet.

Love and Blessing to you all …


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