Autumn 2012 Newsletter

What a busy and fast moving year this has so far been.  There is a strong feeling of many wonders coming into fruition within many lives. There is now an even more heightened vibration of Love flowing to us and my prayer is … may we all be open and receptive to our Creators abundant Divine Flow, such that begins within our Self.

The year began by supporting Eagles Reach Sanctuary’s aim, with being given an extension of time to do so. My heart felt thanks go to the two beautiful people who are my landlords. In acknowledging the importance of the Spiritual functions carried out here, and the futuristic vision of sustaining the ongoing upliftment and benefit that this Sacred Place radiates, their consideration is gratefully acknowledged.

A preparation of a Vision Plan, a Genealogy of my Spiritual Journey and this lands evolvement and a genealogy of the energetic significancs of the 16 active Spirals have been compiled.

There have been many positive confirmations coming from Within, also from the supportive guidance from Spirit and through friends and acquaintances. All given adds to my faith and belief as to the directions I have so far sincerely followed and these have resulted in a self-empowerment previously unrecognized as needed.

Energetic magnitude flowing through the Star Ankh Cross Spiral, has brought numerous experiences to all who have connected with it, to such a degree, that I need to begin journaling and recording this information.

For some time now, Spirit Orbs have been coming into my sphere of reality. As I understand, these orbs are individual or collective/group souls as well as Nature Spirit and Elemental Beings, Inner Earth Beings as well as Beings from the Stars and Planetary dimensions. This that I have mentioned may for some, be a first experience in considering that a disembodied soul, finished with a human incarnation and as consciousness and energy that has no need for a body or form in Spirit, is likened to a ball of energy. This is so through choice.

Through personal experience in alternate levels and realities, I have embraced many beatitudes and wonders during separation from my human body consciousness, with the paradox being, once we pass over to Spirit, that we can and do have a body if desired or necessary, yet at another level, we Know that we are consciousness and energy and this can be seen as or likened to an Orb of Light. The ability to accept this is often slowly developed due to ones level of awareness, ones love, compassion and service to Creator and ones True Heart.

Many of the Orb photos taken by several friends, have mostly been at night. What I am now seeing is that they also come in during the day on the Suns Rays and are in Water and Fire, not just in the Air at night, even in a dust storm and while I would love to show all that has been collected to date, this will need to wait until I am able to set up a viewing of these through the website.

In ending this newsletter with an Orb picture, a phenomena of Grace, received here one day as an amazing set of photos my friend took by firstly adding an understanding received regarding the visibility of Orbs and why this is more predominate in recent times.

Perhaps you have heard mention about Humanities transition into fifth dimensional reality. Perhaps you have wondered what this truly means.

When I first heard of this way of perceiving the way of things, being one who comes from the heart conversationally, I found this intellectual expression very empty of feelings. My understanding of this, is that as we expand into the True Nature of Love, True Being, our energetic unseen higher consciousness also expands more and more as this Love, into our human self consciousness, and so for some, this understanding means going from the third, through the fourth and into a fifth dimensional reality.

Realization brought me into the awareness that when dimensional reality is considered as a frequency or vibration, placing fifth dimension speak alongside this understanding, leaves one better able to recognize that Humanity as a collective consciousness, having began its Journey back to Remembrance of True Self from a third dimensional awareness through many hardships, needs to recognize that its evolvement has been leading All, back into choosing a loving and gentle way in all things. Our vibrational rate or Resonance of Being becomes more heightened in this way, resulting in an awareness of good as apposed to ungrown ways and this overall collective shift in awareness, is to also recognize that Humanity is transiting through the fourth dimension reality into the fifth.

The fourth dimensional reality holds not only Mankind’s energetic goodness, it also holds mans inhumanity to man, its fears, unresolved emotions and beliefs. Therefore depending upon how much we have resolved, healed, forgiven and brought our consciousness and awareness into the reality of this good, is also the degree of that which meets us as a learning in our everyday experiences. Truly is the Truth in Letting go and letting God/Goddess applicable as Saving Grace, when confronted with the balancing of these energies.

We only need to acknowledge discordance within ourselves, and genuinely seek to be free of it, which is then, the letting go our free will and choice to struggle, to set into action all the support of our Universal Parents upliftment, which in turn brings transmutation of our ungrown behavior. Having become free of being caught up in the fearful unknown future, we then set out on a journey into the Unknowable Known.

For some, this is seen as balancing like unto like and as one acts so one attracts. So these challenging fourth dimensional times bespeak of meeting all the unloving hidden agendas that have no place in our lives other than being transmuted. The restored energy that this Essence of true empowerment brings is the return of True Being and emulates Loves Compassionate Forgiveness of others and of Self.

The fifth dimension can then be recognized as being a more evolved and heightened consciousness and awareness, bringing with it many gifts of True Spirit. It brings an overall view that enables a greater capacity of Love’s gentle healing to come forth and this healing is Grace as apposed to the forgotteness of third and fourth dimensional oppression and struggle.

This allows one to embrace True Being more and more easily. This is in part how I perceive and understand how fifth dimensional reality, brings a more greatly expanded consciousness of Love.

It is this heightened frequency in consciousness and awareness that also allows for the Orbs to be seen these days, more and more.

May you all, be inspired by the following photo and may it Touch your heart, filling it with Joy

Garden Orbs







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