Aims & Goals

Lady Quan Yin energy

This photo is another example of the Gift of Grace that radiates here. My prayer to the Beloved Quan Yin was answered when I asked that her beauteous energies of Love be continually anchored into the statue to radiate outwardly, bringing succour and upliftment to all who may pass by.

My aims and goals are to share and assist everyone who contacts me with Self Empowerment. I have learnt from this Space of Love how I may provide people with opportunities of personal experience that nurture in such a way as to …

a) Gently self develop and self heal

b) Honour and trust the process of Inner Communion

c) Develop communication with Earth and Nature through direct experience … and d). become aware of and work with our Unseen brothers and sisters of Loves Light … for the good of all

Other areas:

a) Attunement to the Beginning Time Earth Energy and how to utilise the support of the Symbols provided in ones life.

b) Developing and learning Energetic Surveying of Land through communication with Nature.

c) Creating Sacred Space through Inner Communion and Communication with Nature and the activation of Heaven Energies through the use of attunement symbols.

d) Facilitating Inner Journeys of Self-Empowerment. This one on one retrieval session gently transforms negation without reliving trauma. This self-healing procedure takes in every lifetime that a particular trauma has stemmed from. For many and at the conclusion of one of these sessions, it is to experience the Divine Essence Within for the first time in eons.

For more information or an appointment for a session contact Eagles Reach Sanctuary.

Consultation and sessions are available by phone after contact through the website has been made