About Eagles Reach Sanctuary

Co-Creator & Legend of this LandThe Spiritual evolution of this precious piece of Earth and all created here runs parallel and as a reflection of my evolution in Reclaiming and Remembering my True Nature. My Journey of conscious Self Discovery began at the age of twenty-four, after experiencing a three hundred and sixty degree radical life changing experience. Simultaneously, I remembered and experienced the Essence of Divine Love and Intelligence existing within each and everyone and all that is Life, on Earth and beyond. This alternate awareness brought the remembrance of my greatest friend … Creator All.

Spirals: As my Life’s Journey became a conscious act of energetically working closely with All Life, so too, did more and more specific areas of how I worked begin to develop. One area was to bring about visual creations at places where there were Energy Spirals of the Earth. This Energy enabled people to consciously experience and become aware of the specific healing vibrations of upliftment within the Spiral they entered.

Heart Spiral before activation

Heart Spiral before activation

The profound importance in carrying out this particular work was brought home while interstate. I named the first Spiral I created into the seen the Heart Spiral. The day following its activation, I was moved to take another photo of it.

Path activated

Path activated

Its creation entailed placing sacred symbols in White Quartz along the path leading to the white quartz filled center of this Spiral.  A prayer of intent followed, as did asking Creator Love and Intelligence to empower and magnify the Essence of the Mineral Kingdom Beings within the stones, thereby sustaining the connection made with Universal Energies anchored into the Earth.


Heart Spiral after activation

Heart Spiral after activation

When the photos were developed, my hair stood on end and goose bumps covered my body and the movement within my heart was so great, that only tears could really express how I felt. It was during this movement and being given this visual confirmation, that I fully realized the exceeding importance of this aspect of Earth Healing in my Spiritual Work.


Before the Labyrinth

The labyrinth after a hail storm
Before the Labyrinth                                        The Labyrinth after a hailstorm

Little did I realize when first moving to this property in 1992 that a greater plan than my everyday life was about to begin. Returning here after an absence of 21 months in 2000, the Labyrinth came into creation. The evolution of Spiral Rooms followed, with all being activated. This sacred work was carried out specifically as and when Nature and Spirit ask.
Since creating the Heart Spiral those many years ago, I have energetically surveyed numerous properties and home sites. In turn, my appreciation of the extraordinary energetic ambiance that has built over the years within this narrow land of three quarters of an acre has also grown.

Land before awakeningWhen I first moved here, the grass-covered land was used as cow paddocks, treeless except for several large Avocados and one large Fig Tree and three Coral Trees. Today, all the land is gardened with paths leading to Sacred Spaces.

Creating the Spirals: Part of my life’s amazing journey has led me to this home and land three times. My absence during the 21-month period, in retrospect, was a journey of embracing Walking my Talk. It was during this time that particular focus was upon bringing into visual creation, the Spirals/Meridian Points of Mother Earth. I learnt much through this hands on experience and through sharing with others what they experienced after entering an activated Spiral.

Years of following this line of work always revealed how each Spiral has its own quality of vibrational Earth radiance and purpose. These are further enhanced by the supportive Heaven Energies anchored into them.

Some energies spiral upward, some downward and some both ways and some Spirals, when proving to be sick or polluted required cleansing, strengthening and energetic protection measures taken. Carrying this out where possible, helps safeguard against further energetic pollution. I hold this Spiritual Work sacred.

When asking for guidance and direction in how best to proceed, I receive Lightning Thought picture/movie impressions of how and what to create within and around Spirals and what to plane, while use whatever materials are available in Nature’s surrounds.

So it was that in 2000 after the intense 21 months of learning about this work, I found

Returning led to further opportunities of honing my skills through Energetically Surveying places, land and properties in the surrounding countryside. Sharing all revealed through my communion with Nature, Earth, Nature Spirits, Elemental Beings and Higher Powers, helped others become aware of the purpose of Spirals and specific needs to be honoured on the land they owned.

Varying levels of Communication with Nature go hand in hand in making the Spirals visual. One of these is with the energies of the Crystal Intelligence. Crystals have been buried into the Earth where indicated, then enhanced with the Heaven Energies. Water energies, contained in bowls or a fountain, assist in amplifying the Crystal energies

To visually see the unseen activated energy in photos never ceases to inspire me and always, am I left filled with awe. In the following I have included more before and after photos. At times, this energy could still be seen through photos that I took on following days that were close the time of activation.


Fire Spiral before activation

Fire Spiral after activation
Fire spiral before activation                              Fire spiral after activation

Working at a level with Nature saw me planting significant plants and herbs and trees so they surround some of the Garden Rooms. This revealed how this added connection enables the Essence of individual Nature Spirit Beings and Mineral Kingdom Beings, the ability to directly support and contribute their energy into the energy function of Mother Earth and the Universal Energies active within each Spiral.

During a Labyrinth Meditation held at the time of the full moon, realization came, that another role of Spirals is to harmonizing the human Chakras. While the Spiral reflections of Human Chakras throughout the garden do not follow in order from the head to base Chakra, as in our bodies, this does not limit the help available.

Cosmic Spiral before activation

Cosmic Spiral after activation

      Cosmic spiral before activation                    Cosmic spiral after activation

There is also a specific energy connecting each Spiral that runs/leads to the Labyrinth. During 2010 I was asked to place reasonable sized flat stones into the center of each Spiral. Calling in the supporting energies of the Elohim and Angels of Colour, Sound and Form, brought the anchoring in of the Heaven Energies into the Earth Energies.

This was also called upon for each of these stones. Finishing this task was to experience the indicated vibrations filling into the individual Spirals and then become a line of energy that connected back to the Labyrinth. I named this solid energy the Mineral Kingdom back- bone.

In the beginning, the frequencies and colours regularly called for changed as and when indicated or needed. This has resulted in the Spirals having now become self-supporting. The varying Universal energies anchored in at regular intervals have combined with the Earth’s energies that are active, becoming a naturally functioning body.

Rainbow serpentThrough this procedure, a self-sustained humanly created Energetic Rainbow Snake now exist. It weaves through this property with its head taking up the entire Labyrinth and part of the area where the two frog ponds are beside the Labyrinth.

Its purpose holds many functions, as further, it intertwines with other supportive frequencies of Source Energy that come from the Star Nations.

During manifesting this creation, the Over Lighting Deva helped me realize that its presence has been created from the combined Energetic Essence of every living thing that is within this garden, including my self.