Welcome to Eagles Reach Sanctuary.

My life has been an amazing Journey that has embraced many levels of consciousness and awareness and parallel worlds. Learning the all I have from Within and All Spirit, creating Sacred Spaces, Energetic Surveying, Communicating with Nature, Rescue Work.

As well, I facilitate a gentle and far-reaching Soul Retrieval Sessions that clear patterns of disharmony from the Cause … the point of their first creation in past lives … right through to present time and into cellular memory.
This healing then allows ones own True Nature and Love to fill into the Space cleared.

Through out the following menus of my website I use before and after visual examples of what transpired each step of the way. The phenomena of actually seeing the Veil lift to reveal the Energy present is beyond words.
I funded my greatest experiences during creating an unusual Space of Love and beauty that now holds 17 Sacred Spaces Eternally. Each provides a unique and individualized point of upliftment.

Healing received from and through each Space comes from Creator’s varying God Streams, which are energetically sustained and anchored within each Sacred Space.

The Energetic Foundation Stones of Eagles Reach Sanctuary and its evolution over twenty two years have come about through following a divinely led Vision.
Following the guidance and direction of the Higher Ones, guidance and communion with the Essence of Love and Intelligence, which is Mother Earth, the Beginning Time Elemental Beings, Nature’s Spirit and the Mineral Kingdom Beings … has also been a sacred journey for me, with that which I call All Life.
It was during creating the Labyrinth that realization came, bringing insight into a plan within a greater plan unfolding. The Spirals menu in this website goes into greater detail regarding the purpose of each Spiral Space, so far revealed.

In my time at this place, I saw countless people touched in a significant way, as they experienced an empowerment and strengthening within, always coming at the level needed in the moment of being here.
Over the years and on different occasions, people who had travelled around the world to other sacred places remarked upon similarly experiencing the same energy either at the Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Island of Mauii, Findhorn and Macchu Picchu.

I call the combined Universal Energies that have come to be established, the Beginning Time Energies. To experience these energies is to be uplifted by the Presence of a Gift of Grace as Creator All within the tiniest grain of Earth to the far reaching places of the Universe worked as One and in a non-denominational way.
This sanctified resonance enables all working in Service to Humanity from the unseen, to Touch all who come.
An expansion in consciousness occurs in the manner of one’s immediate need, such that assists one in moving out of a contracted state of reality into a greater freedom of one’s True Spiritual Nature.
In the last three years of care taking and overseeing this place and all brought forth energetically as All Spirit required, a phenomena began occurring.

A lifting of the Veil on Solstice and Equinox Ceremony evenings allowed for the energy felt, to be captured on camera. To view this phenomena visit the Orbs & Elementals menu.
For me, it is to see how Creator’s support in moving hearts and souls into an awareness of that which is beyond the five senses, has come to pass in a visual way.
Please share the wonder of this website and allow your True Self Within to move you in ways you have never experienced before.